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Maksu Bibah, or her real name Habibah Binti Haji Ismail,  is one of the entrepreneur in Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang, which had been involved for a long time in making and selling varieties of traditional and modern foods.

In addition, Maksu can also accept orders for varieties of fashion (clothes) traditional and modern which is tailored to the customers need.

Her business which has been growing and showing a positive sign lately in Pulau Pinang has enable Maksu to establish Sejati Hebat Enterprise (SH) in 2001. This is in line with Maksu's plan to expand the business.

Up to now, there are varieties of Sejati Hebat's products including tradisional Malay cookies and pastries such as curry-puff, stuffed spring roll, onion crisps, sweet potatoes, rotan cookies, donuts and etc.

Some other examples are serondeng (meat or anchovies), varieties of noodles (bihun, mee), Nasi Lemak and so on.

Maksu is also well-known for Kuih Raya (Malay's cookies). There are a lots of choices to choose from, and could be made tailored to customer's special request.

The latest products by Maksu are Chilli Sauce and the so-called 'Pencicah Sauce' (Chilli Dip), 'Perencah Sauce' and instant gravy for 'Cucur Udang'. These products are marketed with the brands Wanis and KPW, under the Agricultural Department of Penang. Furthermore, Maksu also provides food catering and flowers decoration and composition (floral arrangement).

Please use the left navigation bar to browse through this website, to know more about products of Sejati Hebat and to make order. Maksu can be contacted at the address below.

Habibah Binti Haji Ismail
Sejati Hebat Enterprise

49 Mukim 5 Kubang Semang
14400 Bukit Mertajam, Seberang Perai
Penang, Malaysia
Phone: 04-5382716

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Created: 24 September 2000: Last Updated July 2005