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Maksu's Corner: Varieties of Local Products and Services At High Quality And Low Price. Click here for KUIH RAYA


Maksu is now selling and accepting orders for traditional food and pastries (dry and wet) such as:

  • Mini curry-puff (mini karipap)

  • Stuffed Spring roll-small (mini popia)

  • Onion crisps (kerepek bawang)

  • Sweet potatoes chips (kerepek ubi)

  • Rotan cookies (kuih rotan)

  • Rendang

  • Serondeng daging

  • Serondeng ikan bilis

  • Others.


You could order your traditional and modern clothes from Maksu. A few of the examples are listed below. Please contact Maksu for further inquiries.

  • Baju Kurung

  • Kebaya/Kebarung

  • Kebaya Pendek

  • Baju Kedah

  • Telok Belanga (Mens)

  • Blaus

  • Slacks

  • Kain ela


You could also try our 4 differently flavoured blended chillies (cili boh) with no preservatives. There are:

  • Cili Boh Onion-ginger

  • Cili Boh Onion

  • Cili Boh Galangal-onion- ginger

  • Cili Boh Lemon-grass


Apart from that, we also cater services for wedding purpose such as:

  • Flower composition for wedding purpose. (bunga hantaran)

  • Flower composition for bridal dais.

  • Decoration of bridal dais and bridal suite.


Food catering is done for any event or ceremony and those who are interested, please do not hesitate to contact Maksu for further information.

Good News : Kuih Raya !! 
Now, you can order Kuih Raya with Maksu. Don't delay. Please contact Maksu for further details or click on the banner below.

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To Contact:
Habibah Bt Hj Ismail (Maksu)
49 Mukim 5 Kubang Semang, 14400 Bukit Mertajam,
Seberang Perai, Penang, Malaysia
Phone : 04 5382716
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Created: 24 September 2000: Last Updated November 2001