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(Sauce, Chilli Paste, Cucur Udang Gravy, 'Kuah Rojak')

1-    Sauce

Through Sejati Hebat Enterprise, Maksu has succeeded in manufacturing varieties of sauce, made from fresh and high quality ingredients. These sauces are produced under the brand names Wanis and KPW. Wanis is the product brand of Agricultural Department of Penang (Jabatan Pertanian Pulau Pinang), while KPW is "Kumpulan Pengusaha Wanita" (Group of Women Entrepreneurs) also under the closed supervision of Agricultural Department of Penang (Jabatan Pertanian Pulau Pinang).  

All the above is bottled for 400g and 2.5kg.

This chilli sauce is very suitable to make your food delicious and also for cooking purposes. This sauce is of medium hot. 

Chicken rice sauce is used for preparing the savoury for traditional "Nasi ayam (chicken rice)". It can also be used for dipping with fried chicken, prawn and so on. It is ready to use. 

'Pencicah' sauce is usually used to lighten up foods, for example, as a sauce for fried chicken, grilled or baked chicken/meat, french fries/chips, fried potatoes, crisps, prawn, pastries (example 'cucur udang'), fried noodle and so on.

'Perencah' sauce is used for frying rice, noodle and also can be used with your cooked meal, to make it more delicious.   

'Perencah' vegetable sauce can be used as similar as the normal 'Perencah' sauce. In addition to that, it can also be used to fry rice ('nasi goreng') as well as for cooking with vegetable.


2-    Chilli Paste (Chilli Boh)

You can also order chilli paste which ranging from four types of flavours (no artificial preservative). There are:


3-    Instants Food

Maksu also makes instant gravy for 'cucur udang' and 'kuah rojak'. 

Kuah Cucur Udang: Only add hot water, stir and it is ready. This product is marketed  with the brand Wanis, under Agricultural Department of Penang (Jabatan Pertanian Pulau Pinang).

Kuah rojak: Kuah rojak is for dipping with fruits. 

All of these can be ordered in small or even bulk quantities. If you are making order in bulk quantities and/or for special occasions, order should be made as earlier as possible, to avoid disappointment.

If interested, please contact Maksu at 04-5382716 or please come straight to the address below.

For those interested in becoming our agent/distributor, please come to the address below or call Maksu for negotiation.

Habibah Binti Haji Ismail
Sejati Hebat Enterprise

49 Mukim 5 Kubang Semang
14400 Bukit Mertajam, Seberang Perai
Penang, Malaysia
Phone: 04-5382716

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